i am sooo pissed right now. 

i just dont even have the words right now…to even express….hot damn.

seriously? giving a child a unisex watch will make them gay? seriously?


okay, i am sooo far from perfect its not even right.  one of my many flaws is my verbal attack skills.  when i get attacked, i come hard.  friend, lover, whatever.  you WILL get it.  so maybe i came too hard just now.  granted, it was all stuff that needed to be said, but it was not said in LOVE like it was supposed to be.  if other folks hadnt overreacted so ignorantly, then i maybe could have controlled myself a little better.  but giving a child a watch with no discernible gender traits WHATSOEVER is not a reason to get all up in arms, or accuse the person of possibly turning the child gay.

for the record, i think you are born gay.  giving a kid an item of ANY kind ain’t gonna do it.

aw man, fuck it. it is what it is.  i said it.  its in the air now, drifting and choking the shit out of us.